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  13. The site is only and exclusively a storage space, interface to place content. We only keep information supplied by the user (hosting).
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  15. By using services of blogliked.com you agree to that, in case your placed content are unlawful or infringes interests of blogliked.com in any way, either on its own initiative or for request of interested parties to the content we are entitled to delete it.
  16. Blogliked.com takes no responsibility for displayed content uploaded by users (bloggers and comment writers). You are solely responsible for all User Content that you post.
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  18. You should indicate the adult content (+18) in your blog or post as a user of blogliked.com. If you place adult content without indicating your post or user account can be deleted with your balance.
  19. As user of blogliked.com you acknowledge that you should indicate your adult content – they can be placed, but with these contents you cannot earn revenues.
  20. The users of blogliked.com, can earn money with created blogs, with keeping them up to date. The earned money will be booked on users’ accounts under the wallet menu item. Payment will be made afterwards. The incomes of the last moth will be paid always if there was an income.
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  23. The user must ensure that the entered address of PayPal account on blogliked.com is correct and proper, blogliked.com takes no responsibility for false or erroneous payments.
  24. You understand that blogliked.com reserves the right to delete your blogs, posts, user account with the collected money in the wallet, if the site experiences such a user behavior that violates the blogliked.com’s interests at any time, in any way.
  25. Blogliked.com reserves the right to change these terms and conditions unilaterally at any time without notice.